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England V India: Alastair Cook Credits Wife For Turn-Around

England V India: Alastair Cook Credits Wife For Turn-Around

by September 20, 2016 News

Alastair Cook credited his wife for England‘s drastic Test turn-around against India as they wrapped up a series win on the third day at the Oval.

Cook admitted after England’s innings and 244-run victory in the fifth Test he was on the brink of walking away, but after speaking to his wife in mid-June he decided he would not, after all, go quietly.

More distress followed with a landslide defeat at Lord’s and 1-0 deficit in this series, while his quest for a 26th Test century has extended to 31 innings and will now not end until the Caribbean next April at the earliest.


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  1. After all, Cook wife is his number one fan.

    • « LE RICHE ET LE PAU;RE&nbspV» avec le très méchant FALCONNETI, BRRRR !!!BUCK ROGERS AU 25eme SIECLE (il y avait un robot marrant !!!)C’est fou le nombre de séries télévisées qu’on peut avoir vu , des dizaines, des millers d’heures devant la télé, c’est pas une vie, c’est des vies et ça défile .

  2. He deserve a retirement, but it’s not easy to let go, as he is the captain of Team England.

    • N’est-il pas écrit dans la mazleillaise:« Trembser, tyrans et vous perfidesL’opprobre de tous les partis,Tremblez ! vos projets parricidesVont enfin recevoir leurs prix ! »?

  3. Oh, forgot, they’ll use their pitchforks and shovels.Hmmm, I’m betting none of ’em own any of that type of thing either. Use of such might ruin their manicure or put callouses on their latte’ sippin’ hases.Pusnids.

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