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England to host D/N Test in 2017

England to host D/N Test in 2017

by October 26, 2016 Trending

Birmingham set to create history by hosting the first pink ball Test on English soil.

Edgbaston will host the first day-night Test ever staged in the United Kingdom when England face the West Indies in Birmingham in August next year, the England and Wales Cricket Board announced Wednesday.

Now England are inline to become 3rd nation to stage a 5 day Test under floodlights, following Australia’s day-night Test against New Zealand in Adelaide last year and with Pakistan due to play the West indies in a day/night Test in the United Arab Emirates next week.

A pink ball will be used, with players wearing traditional whites rather than coloured clothing. The aim, as with all floodlit matches, is to encourage those who are at work during the day to attend.

With the confirmation from International Cricket Council, the August 17-21 match between England and the West Indies, as the first of 3 test series will have playing hours of 2pm to 9pm local, rather than the English standard test times of 11am to 6pm.

Test matches in England, unlike many countries, are generally well supported and there are concerns the English climate may not be conducive to spectators sitting out to watch for several hours late in the day.

Given that the English cricket season also coincides with the UK’s longest daylight hours, questions have also been raised about whether there’s much to be gained from having a floodlit Test in the country.

But ECB chief executive Tom Harrison said in a board statement issued Thursday that, they were excited by the prospect of staging their first ever day-night Test match. It’s a great opportunity for them to attract more fans to the game and see how staging Test cricket in the afternoon and evening fits with working patterns and modern lifestyles, whilst maintaining the deep tradition of Test match cricket. They think it can help attract different fans and families to Test cricket and the innovation will certainly put the five-day game under the spotlight in a very busy summer for the game.


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  1. Linwood S. Mancia

    WOW, it will be an history for the Country (England) as it will be their first to host.

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